Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Failure is not an Option

Recently, I started a small start-up with a co-founder.  Since then, I’ve been talking to people and reading books about the art of making it big.  I’ve realized 2 important things that seem to be true of every successful start-up.

1. There is no hard and fast rule about what you need to do to be successful.  It is generally a mix of hard work, opportunity, and a touch of good luck.
2. Failure always begins with the words “I will try to…”  

It seems to me that the most successful companies, either large or small, started the company and never thought about failure, or “trying” to do something.  They just did it.  I don’t mean to say that there wasn’t difficult times, or that things were easy, or that there wasn’t a fear of failure at times, or even failure.  But at some point in the history of every successful company, the word “try” just seems to disappear.  

I’ve been using that word “trying” for years to mean that I will eventually get there; that I’m a humble man and it’s not right to be too confident; and that only a crazy person can be so certain of a result.  But the word itself has connotations of failure.  The word “try” suggests that failure may be an option.  It suggests that excuses may be imminent.  It implies that once the circumstances change, I no longer am responsible for the outcome.  However, not using the word “try” doesn’t imply certainty of success, it implies certainty of action.  

Besides the meaning of the word and what it signifies, there is a lot of research on how words have a psychosomatic influence on the body, and how that plays into producing a certain result.  If you’re interested in reading about this further, pick up Awaken the Giant Within or Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins.  Both books are awesome reads. The point is this, successful feelings and words breed successful actions (not necessarily successful results).  Isn’t that what we are all seeking?

Looking at the future, I’m imagining having success with our soon to be released productivity and time management application for MS Windows 8, and I see us having much success in the years following. However, if it doesn’t all work out as I imagine, I will echo the words of Thomas Edison, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work. “

I leave you with this.  

I’m reminded of the famous words of the classic artist Eminem in “Lose Yourself”, “Success is my only ************* option, failure’s not.”  Agreed.  

Please let me know your story about a time when you decided to not try, but just to do it, and the result.


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